Team Development

Effective Motivational Leadership®

LMI Canada’s Effective Motivational Leadership® program will help you and your employees understand what it takes to be a great leader and not only create winning teams that forge ahead into the volatile business environment of the 21st century, but also foster an organization full of leaders on every level.

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Effective Team Dynamics®

LMI Canada’s Effective Team Dynamics® program is designed to help both managers and team member begin to thrive in a learning environment, and understand the five keys to team success by assuming responsibility and accountability.

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Effective Management Development®

LMI Canada’s Effective Management Developmental program®, will teach your leaders how to balance power and authority productively and empower the people around them. Your managers will know how to cope constructively with change and stress, and understand our methods for developing a dynamic decision making strategy.

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Family Programs

The family unit as a whole is complex, and managing its success from all facets and angles is an intricate process to undertake. LMI’s Family Programs enable you to align your personal and professional aspirations without sacrificing one over the other. With our five programs, you will discover that when one aspect is flourishing, the other will follow. Our programs empower you and your family to attain the measurable growth of careers, finances and personal relationships.

For all the details of our Family Programs please consult the LMI Canada website. 

We Help You Choose the Optimal Path to Leadership Development. Let’s Talk.

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We Help You Choose the Optimal Path to Leadership Development. Let’s Talk.