We’ve Been Developing Stronger Leadership For Over 50 Years

Based on the philosophies of founder Paul J. Meyer, LMI has been instilling the value and importance of leadership to our clients for over 50 years. With an operational network that now spans 80 countries, LMI is one of the most successful and recognized people development organizations in the world.

The LMI Process

At LMI, we use our unique process to help you or your employees become stronger leaders. Constructed on the concepts of multi-sensory learning, spaced repetition and time, our programs help people improve their lives and tap into their leadership potential.

By focusing on aspects like management development, personal motivation, goal setting and effective communications, we’ve orchestrated drastic directional changes for companies and people around the world.

The process has proven over and over again a measurable return on training investment. We work from the creation of specific, measurable goals, as set forth by the client and his/her mentor, and then coach for attitude and behaviour change.

What You Will Achieve:

  • Creation and execution of clear, measurable goals associated with your leadership role
  • A heightened understanding of your leadership strengths and opportunities for development
  • A system for tracking and measuring your bi-weekly, monthly and program goals
  • Measurable attitude and behaviour change that impacts the results you achieve in your role
  • Competency development so that you accomplish more through the people that you lead



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We Help You Choose the Optimal Path to Leadership Development. Let’s Talk.

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We Help You Choose the Optimal Path to Leadership Development. Let’s Talk.